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Information Technology

  • Software Developer/Engineer, Mobile Developer, Web Developer, IT Security, Network Engineer, Database Administrator

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Blockchain

  • AI Researchers/Scientist, Data Scientist, Software Engineers, Machine Learning Engineers, Blockchain Developer/Engineer

Executive Search

  • Complete C-Suite: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Human Resources Officer, Chief Marketing Officer


  • Nurses, Physicians/MD, Pharmacist, Speech-language Pathologist, Technicians, Psychologist, Physician Assistant, Physical Therapist


  • Inside/Outside Sales Representative, Account Manager/Executive, Sales Manager, Sales Engineer, Director of Sales


  • Controller, Accountant, CPA, Financial Analyst, Bookkeeper


  • Facilities Manager, Purchasing Manager, Logistics Analyst, Process Engineer, Transportation Manager, Operations Analyst

HR/Administrative & Customer Support

  • Human Resources Manager, Recruiter, Customer Service Representative, Administrative Assistant, Training & Development Manager, Technical Support

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